In Plato’s Symposium, Porus, or Poros, was the personification of resourcefulness. He was seduced by Penia (poverty) while drunk on more than his fill of nectar at Aphrodite’s birthday. Penia gave birth to Eros (love) from their union. Porus was the son of Metis. According to the character Diotima, Eros is forever in need because of his mother, but forever pursuing because of his father.

Penia and Poros, oil on canvas, 180×120 cm. 2012

The solar goddess Electryone is a daughter of Helios and Rhode. She is the morning deity of man’s waking sense. The Greek form Electryone is akin to the word for “amber” (???????, Elektra), as in the amber color of sunrise.


?????? is one of the three Muses. Her sisters are ????? (Aoide) and ????? (Mneme), they are daughters of Zeus and Plusia. Together, these three form the complete picture of the preconditions of poetic art in cult practice. Melete is the muse of meditation. Melete literally means “practice” and “exercise” in Greek.